Work with us


Benefits of working with us

There are so many great benefits of working with us at Panthers Group, check them out below:
Work with leaders in hospitality: We are one of the largest club groups in NSW. We have 6 clubs and employee over 650 staff.
Training and development: You’ll have access to both internal and external development and training programs to keep skills and experience current and relevant to industry trends. You’ll also be able to upskill yourself with a variety of great online training courses. Plus, we pay you while you train.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP): You and your immediate family will have access to 24-hour counselling support. You can call anonymously anytime.
Employee rewards & recognition: Great rewards and recognition program, aptly named the ‘Panthers Pride Program’, that rewards based on The Panther Way. You’ll love the years of service recognition, as well as rewards for professionalism, respect, being inspirational, being dedicated and performing exceptionally.
Career development and progression: Internal staff promotion and transfers between organisations and entities.
Discounts at restaurants:  You’ll receive discounts at Panther owned restaurants and cafes .
Discounts on Penrith Panthers football membership:  Footy fans will love the Penrith Panthers football membership
Discounts at the Panther Shop: Footy fans will also love the discounted on all Penrith Panthers merchandise.
Discounts at Sponsors: Our sponsors love giving staff special rates.
Free onsite parking: If you drive to work, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a free car park for staff use.
24/7 staff rooms: You’ll love the free tea, coffee and soft drinks.As well as Foxtel, wifi, PCs, kitchen facilities and funky furniture in our recently renovated and enlarged staff room.
Parties: You will hear about our staff parties as soon as you start.
Gifts: As a thank you for the work our employees do, we give them a little Christmas gift each year.